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can you see this?
This is the third year my friend Brittany and I have a garden with Project Grow. We didn't think we'd get one this year because PG filled up before we could get our plot. :( But then they decided to open up a new site and so we jumped on it! :)

So, grab a cuppa and come along with me on a virtual tour of my leetle garden.Collapse )

Harry Potter Dubbed - it's back! :)

Oh my gosh! Ladies, ladies, ladies!!

I've talked about this on chat SEVERAL times but they took it off Hulu so no one could ever actually SEE it (that hadn't seen it already which, at least on chat, no one had).

So run! Now! Before they take it off the web again!

I present, the hilarious, The Morning After's "Harry Potter Dubbed" -> http://www.hulu.com/watch/258356/the-morning-after-harry-potter-dubbed#s-p7-sr-i1

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Everything is NOT a "flame"

Mini rant -

Though these are few and far between, I have seen/read authors that will flip a nut when a reviewer says anything less than "I LOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEDDDDD it". I've read comments of authors absolutely losing it because a reviewer said they didn't think this character or that character would 'do something like that', or even because somewhere in a review the reviewer mentions an 'oh by the way, just fyi I noticed that Voldemort is spelled Voldamert in this chapter - in case you wanted to change it'.

For me, if someone points out a SP&G issue in a review I simply shrug and fix it. I don't like being pulled out of a story by something stupid like that and I don't want my stories to have something stupid like that within them. I realize that there is a tactful way to point things like this out and a not-so-tactful way to do it, but people please... just because someone points out something that, if you found it yourself, you would certainly want to fix, doesn't mean they are "flaming" you. Just because a reviewer mentions that they had read in Chapter 5 that Justin Finch-Fletchley was 'among the dead' and then in chapter 15 he is seen talking to Luna, doesn't mean you've been "flamed" - it means you screwed up. (this is a made-up example, not anyone's actual fic - don't worry, you're not being "flamed" on LJ)

Some egos are large in fandom and by nature writers are an emotional bunch. If someone tells you nicely in a review that they found a mistake, please take it for what it is - someone who likely really enjoys your story and figures you wouldn't want said mistake hanging around in your fic - rather than flying off the handle and yelling to everyone and their sister that some reviewer is an asshole because they saw what you missed! You don't need to bash them and email them explaining why this mistake isn't really a mistake because of some bizarre logic: "I meant Justin to be a ghost in this scene and that is why he's there! Luna was trying to help him be able to hold a sword - because he's a ghost and can't really hold one - and he wants to fight in the Final Battle against Voldamert because he loves Hogwarts! Just because you didn't get that when you read that she was talking to him in the corridors doesn't mean there is a mistake in my fic! You suck!" Just take it for what it is - someone spotting something that you missed - put down your ego/pride and go back, kill the little bastard off and move on! You have NOT been "flamed"!


Well then... OWL Awards

Hey f-list!

So... I didn't start posting to OWL until 2009, which means that any fic I have on OWL is nomin-ate-a-ble.. ?? available for nomination. :)

It's easiest to just give a link to my author page and if you liked one of my fics (thanks so much if you did :) ) then you can click on the "nominate" button right on OWL.

If you'd like me to be a little less lazy :) you can find my stories and the catagories they could be eligible for under the cut.Collapse )

As you can see, if you peeked under the cut, there are catagories I am not entirely sure about, but I did my best to choose only and all catagories a given fic could be nominated in.

Thank you!

ETA: I edited out a graphic in GeeLicious and changed the rating from PG to M on Revealed (it should have been M all along ??) so neither of those stories will show up at the moment if you click their links as they have been placed in the validation queue. If you'd like to check them out, they will probably be back up by tomorrow or even later today depending on how swamped the OWL mods are. TXS!

quick question

Does anyone know if there is a way to get "alerts" when a story you're following updates on Sycophant Hex? I'm looking through the 'your account' and 'manage favorites' sections and I don't see anything to turn on any kind of alerts. Is there not an option for this on SH or am I just missing it??

(*I found out yesterday that it is NEXT week that I am not allowed to come in later than 6am, which means THIS week there is still time for procrastination, so let the 'not going to work yet' begin LOL)

Ravenclaw - Congratulations on your win! It was an exciting race. Your dedication to success made the rest of us work a little harder and really sink our teeth into this competition. We watched you. We strategized. We pushed ourselves because you pushed us! And my own House benefitted emmensely from your motivation and drive.

Gryffindor - Oh, Gryffindor... It was you, dear Gryffs, that made the Slytherins say "hell no!" Hell-to-the-No!! Slytherin will NOT go out like this! You stirred the pot of Slytherin drive. You were "the ones to beat". You and your marvelous parties made all House Cup participants say [insert petulant foot stomp] "Hey, we know how to have fun too!" And we did. Because you did. Because you knew that all work and no play would burn us out like a Pheonix turning to ash. And so the other Houses started looking at their Common Room a little more. Started planning, and playing, and coming together as a House. Your unity made us unified and for that I thank you!!

Hufflepuff - or should I say "Slytherpuffs" ;) *squishes you* Just like your canon brethren, you showed that 'drive' does not precede nastiness. You showed everyone that a House does not need to be flashy, or degrading, or putoff-ish in any way to get the job done. You proved that friendship was the true path to "winning", regardless what points were involved.

And to my own House - Slytherin - you are all simply amazing! The friendships we formed, the Hosue pride, the great fun we all had, it is because each and every one of you made that possible. You are my friends, my sisters, my Housemates, and I *glomp* you all for your hard work and dedication to our noble House!!

**Thank you to the OWL staff for creating and making this competition possible. It has been great fun and now you all should go have a nice long lie-in!!

Today is going to be a good day :)

In LJ-land a new friend come popping into Slytherin and an old friend came popping back from the ether. Squee! *waves to you both*

In RL-land there is a light dusting of snow on the ground - just enough to make one merry but not enough to make you dread getting out on the roads.

Yesterday was payday so... that's always a good time. :)

And today I'm heading 'home' to visit with mom and to see a friend I haven't talked to (other than email) since I moved, and another friend is flying 'home' today from Florida so we'll both be in our small po-dunk town around the same time and I can't even wait to see her - it's been over a year!!

It's just too bad the two friends don't get along or we could all go to lunch together. Long story - about a boy... it's always a damn boy! LOL

Merry merry and joy joy f-listers!


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